LED lights need to have six attributes

Advised display screen, and Inspired electronic display screen very much appear in people’s section of vision, LED light fittings and lamps has also been a lot of the main streets with Directed lights, LED lights demand what conditions One . . energysaving with low current small current high sunshine characteristics. As the Provided lamp using the Distributed lamp must have low-cost voltage, current, high sunshine characteristics, it is be sure that the installation time to regular use, high efficiency and saving.

Two, the additional green light, utilising LED cold minimal glare small not on your life radiation use don’t emit harmful particles. LED environmental protection benefit are better, without ultraviolet and home spectrum, and recyclable waste, it doesn’t contain the mercury element has n’t any pollution safe touch, typical of fresh lighting source. Three, long life. Supplied road lamp because of the continuous use, home owner time is needed on the labels for volume buying is more trouble, so in the selection of when, long life’s more also an fundamental factor, Ohmax low significant production along with LED lighting normal service life additional than hour, entirely compliance with the stipulations.

Four, lamp seems to have reasonable structure. Provided lamp will beautifully change the body structure of the lamp, according to a number of application requirements, Directed lamp structure boost the initial settings conditions through exceptional earth again, get considerably more brightness, after each of our optical lens improve the brightness linked with light, be refined. LED is exemplified by epoxy liquid plastic resin solid light source, its structure will have no glass light filament easily cracked parts, it is considered a full secure structure, so the program can withstand each shocks, without basically damaged. Best garage lighting , colors pure color, variety of. As a road lamp using the entire LED street light must light only, it do not really need too many noise, in getting the brightness connected the lighting will also needed to sure road safety.

Six, high welfare. LED light obtain using low operating a car voltage, light stability, no pollution, without using Hz Air conditioning power supply when the stroboscopic phenomenon, no ultraviolet S radiation, color copy index Ra is without a doubt close to a thousand, color temperature, color temperature 40 five K all 5 thousand K, close to the uv. Is the calorific value of very poor no thermal diffusion cold light learning resource and can closely control the sun light and emitting angle, light color and therefore soft, no glare; and do just not contain mercury and even sodium elements will probably harm LED ground material.